Friday, July 8, 2011

Where is the next "Golden Voice"

Many of us stood in awe at the power of the network and how it changed one man's life in a matter of hours.
There is a basic trend to see for the one looking.
American Idol started with an idea that many of us bought into: Performers are gathered to view in a place we can all see them than the people vote to pick the best one.
Very simple right?
We all want to make a difference in some way, no matter how small.
Even when it is just a vote.'Americans go into the polls and vote for laws and politicians who claim to represent their agendas.
Which I will not get into here, but it is the point of making a difference or the appearance of making a difference/ having a say in the way things are.

When a person or organization gets the attention of the world for even an instant they are circled by those trying to capitalize on the attention of the masses in order to control the economy or to merely get a portion of that traffic to buy their product.
This is just like advertisers on prime time popular television shows.
The more viewers proven to watch the show the more valuable the ad space is.
People want to watch and listen to various entertainment for free but need to see how this advertisement pays so they don't have to.

One should know that the average is that an individual has to see a brand several times before it even registers what it is, let alone making a decision to buy.

A movie trailer has to be seen at least three times before the average person will decide if they want to see it.
Then there is the the demographic and relate-ability to the subject of the film to the viewer based on the propaganda of the advertizement.
Corruption and greed has plagued all forms of entertainment from the beginning.
For example:
In music it is the company that owns the label, that owns the chart, that tells the world through the magazines that it also owns to promote the acts that it has the most potential to gain from what is the best and hottest new music which is not really the truth.

For the benefit of keeping this objective I again will not mention names.

But (and here is the good news) this is changing through the web and the independent approach for direct distribution.
Get the attention of enough people with a good product, promotion or performance and it will go viral.
This is the new dream, the new lottery.
Getting attention most directly makes the demand.
Out of the hundreds of millions of users on various networks only a few million views will get enough attention to change the world of an individual project or act.
But how can we find those things worthy of that attention in the infinity of content out there?
It is all in the network. We trust those that we relate with and go look at the things our friends post and that is where the social network will never go away.
That is why Google is now going to try to compete with Facebook and there are hundreds of thousands of social networks available to join, Even I have a few...for various reasons.
If we know this and take some responsibility for promoting those things we know are worthy and or important we find that it is very hard to get attention.
Just keep liking what you like. The world will find those important things in time.
Publicity stunts don't really work.
Real work does.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Educating musicians in marketing on the web

We started a show some months ago designed to help musicians get noticed, which will in turn get them some CD and download sales and make it more possible for them to keep making music.

The reality of today's market is that it is moving more and more into an online interaction with consumers.

The music industry has shown us this trend quite clearly with the release of Radiohead's album "given away" or stated that you can download it and pay what you feel it is worth.

Many of us are familiar with the reverse squeeze which is where you give so much that the recipient feels the need to give back to the website that gave so much.

This is the age where communication is key and information is the greatest commodity.

Educating the groups and performers on how to market themselves is a large part of what is needed but to make it work we need to promote this show we created.

An Indiegogo campaign is now launched and we need real networkers to get involved.

You are more valuable than you even realize.

If we can get enough attention to this project we can really make a difference in a lot of lives in a new way.

Take a look at the campaign here and see what we are doing.

Music U-Night Indiegogo link

We need your help to push through and more funding to make this work and the campaign is just the way to show the power of networking.

Thank you for your support and if you the reader have any need for video production we would be glad to help.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Entertainment is a good investment in a down economy.

Now let's take this thinking into the investors and people working on
their portfolio.
Some are balking at putting their money into anything that doesn't seem to have a long tail solid foundation and so
are buying real estate and bullion, things that seem like a safe
investment, primarily because they don't trust the economy.
Let's face it it is a bear market and everything is a little shaky.
The important thing is to be patient with your choices and especially be
patient with your investigation and think outside the box.
The rule of thumb is that if your grandmother knows about a great investment deal
then it's probably too late to really capitalize on it.
Thinking outside the box when you are investing will get you places that the
masses never go because they are listening to all the "experts" which
are usually regurgitating what they were trained to say and peddling
whatever investments pay them the most to sell.
Understanding that the economy is already only so much blue sky in the first place makes
one aware of the precarious situation of investment.
Are coins and gold a good investment? Yes of course they are, because when the economy
slips as it is sure to do again then tangible assets are still going to
hold their value.
However if you want to make money from your assets you have to take risks, which is where many run into trouble or worse.
"The wrong thing to do is nothing." is a good place to start any strategy.
An investment is based on consideration of two things and it always boils
down to this so you may have heard this before and if you haven't then
you need to do a lot more research.
Rate of return
Return on investment
These are the only things that investors want to know really.
You can hype all you want and tell how your widget is going to change the way people live forever but the real investor doesn't care
they are putting their beans into the pot that shows them clearly what
these two factors will be.
This is actually part of the problem with originality in entertainment today in the US especially as I discussed
in "Hollywood and the Economy of the Calculated Sequel" an earlier blog
posted here.
one problem is that filmmakers don't know how to relate to investors and can't think in terms that are attractive to investors and so don't get backing for real original production concepts.
These are scary for investors because they can't do like a Realtor and check
comparable investments "in the neighborhood".
How can you track something like Avatar which there has never been really anything made like it
and explain it to an investor.
The truth is that this film was made and released into a bear market a down economy and yet made more money than "Titanic" (though it cost more to make) which was released into a very strong economy or a bull market in '97.
The truth is people want to have an escape from the daily grind even more when things are down
than when things are going great.
It makes sense when you look at it that way, the average person my not be able to spend $4,000 on a real
vacation but $10.00 for a movie and a genuine escape for a few hours fits into even the tightest budget.
Now let's take this thinking into investment and consider the current market.
A few thousand dollars can go a very long way with the digital age and frugal filmmaking
A new Red camera or an SLR camera that shoots in true HD can be rented or purchased for a small fraction of the cost just a few years ago so the real cost is in talent and man hours (or woman hours)
for the crew locations and editing and or CG graphics.
In New Mexico many locations are available for free from the state and the incentives
for investors are considerable.
One of the problems is that a production company has to borrow almost 2 million just to get the loan
from the state (interest free). Most filmmakers here don't relate to
that kind of money so will never get it.
The 25% rebate is like an insurance policy for the smart production that sees it as a means to
make stable payments on the initial loan until such time as profit can
be gleaned from the production.
These are all factors that not only need to be considered but developed into a proposal for the investor to
understand clearly before writing a check.
Then the distribution process needs to be addressed. It takes around 10 million to get a
proper marketing campaign into today's market through television and
internet advertising. The need to reach a person in the world three to
five times before they even recognize that there is a film,what the name
is and when it will be available. Basically "branding" the film is the
goal and it is expensive. So before the distributor is going to put that
kind of energy into a film they need to know that all the necessities
are covered so are usually working with known filmmakers as a safer
investment knowing in a sense what to expect in return.
Anyone with a hundred bucks can be an investor these days with websites like and actually help fund some original content.
There is the distribution problem to overcome and so it pays to research the filmmaker's plan to get a return on the investment and there are some very innovative plans to be considered on
those sites.
Be not afraid of the unknown. Don't invest what you can't afford to lose.
Think outside the box and you could be a part of something significant like so many films that came from nowhere like; "Pan's Labyrinth" for example.
Someone had to back that film before any frames were shot.
Some considerable profit was earned and new movie deals were made as a result with the director for Hellboy 2.
There are many examples and the project you get involved in could be one of them.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back in the saddle with a new drive to make things happen.

I said in one of my earlier blogs that Life is what happens when you are trying to get things done.
Well I have just been encountering that inevitable series of distractions that only indicates to me that I am doing something important.
Every time I have tried to do something significant I get the whammy.
So you have it.
I am going to write a lot of the recent events into a script eventually.
Who knows? I may have a new "World according to Garp" on my hands Though the plane hasn't crashed into the house(yet)I hope I have the camera running when it does.

Now I have a script finished and the real desire to shoot something new, something different and exciting. Though I may have to take other steps first. Namely making several short films to establish this new world I created.
I know that others will get into it once I show them what I found when looking deep into the shadows of my imagination.
Perhaps it will reveal something in yours too.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Still working for all of us

I want to thank everyone for your continued support. Showing loyalty and willingness to follow me over here These two sites will be merged when I shift us all over to
I have been working a lot lately on logistics and behind the scenes web development for the distribution model that will make what I am talking about on the seminar video a reality.
I keep running into obstacles which tells me I am definitely doing the right thing. Real distribution for the idependent that puts them in control and reduces the chance of losing all revenues through bad distribution contracts.
As of this writing I am developing a script to shoot as a feature following the mainstream template to a point of names and faces that are recognizable to the general public with the sole intention to distribute online through the network.
I have a budget established around 400K for production and marketing.
This as you can imagine is a difficult number to come up with for an unknown business model but that is exactly what I am doing.
So just to keep you up to date. We need something that is ready to distribute and of course I am a filmmaker. That is what iI want to do., make films.
And so I shall.
I have the player almost ready for distribution but found some issues with censorship from the host company trying to force their agenda through the business and have been trying to work that out.
Otherwise we can't have any nudity language gore or violence in a feature.
I mean seriously, that is just not reasonable If I was James cameron I couldn't load Titanic under those restrictions.
So obviously, I am still fighting under the radar and just want you to know that I am still working for all of us.

Rob Ellis
Streaming Indy

Saturday, February 21, 2009

They tell me I'm crazy

There are no experts in this field. No one is talking this language and my business friends are telling me I'm crazy for sharing this video.

Find more videos like this on Streaming Indy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Will you make art or gas?

I've been working on a web system for almost a year now to help filmmakers get paid for their efforts even with a short film.

There is a way but when I try to explain it most people look at me cross eyed with a false ego based knowing that tells me I'm talking to a sheep. Bleet, bleet.

They all want the theatrical release for their $5000 budget film. and can't see that that will never happen.
The film world doesn't want your film.
Sorry to break it to you but you've been duped. Just like thinking if you go to college you'll make more money, then you go to work for someone that owns a company that never went to college. Yeah that system is well advertised too.

I am almost ready to throw in the towel and just do it for myself like everyone else does, almost.
But that wouldn't fit with my ethics. Which to me is doing what is the greatest good for the most.
Even if it leaves me out.
I've been at this for some time now, almost a year and have been running into the same attitude from people everywhere. They can't see into the future beyond their own ego and wallet.

I don't care what they do anymore. I know my conscience is clean, and my ethics are what drive me for the vision I am going for.
Still it does bother me to see all the people I try to help so easily led astray.
People with short films excited to be getting a free screening when they could be making money from their art.

The film industry here is full of ego driven people with no real vision. little support for art. Lots of critics.

I don't think very much of critics. If you want to criticize a film, make sure you can show a film YOU MADE that was better and give examples of what you did in your masterpiece, and let me see it.

Or shut up. Your opinion is only so much gas wasted in the atmosphere.

Go make something and stop criticizing.

Art is alive and free and moving to the one who experiences it.

Cowards make copies of past successes. An artist has the tenacity to go against the grain and do something great.

Make art or make gas, eventually we will all smell the difference.