Friday, July 8, 2011

Where is the next "Golden Voice"

Many of us stood in awe at the power of the network and how it changed one man's life in a matter of hours.
There is a basic trend to see for the one looking.
American Idol started with an idea that many of us bought into: Performers are gathered to view in a place we can all see them than the people vote to pick the best one.
Very simple right?
We all want to make a difference in some way, no matter how small.
Even when it is just a vote.'Americans go into the polls and vote for laws and politicians who claim to represent their agendas.
Which I will not get into here, but it is the point of making a difference or the appearance of making a difference/ having a say in the way things are.

When a person or organization gets the attention of the world for even an instant they are circled by those trying to capitalize on the attention of the masses in order to control the economy or to merely get a portion of that traffic to buy their product.
This is just like advertisers on prime time popular television shows.
The more viewers proven to watch the show the more valuable the ad space is.
People want to watch and listen to various entertainment for free but need to see how this advertisement pays so they don't have to.

One should know that the average is that an individual has to see a brand several times before it even registers what it is, let alone making a decision to buy.

A movie trailer has to be seen at least three times before the average person will decide if they want to see it.
Then there is the the demographic and relate-ability to the subject of the film to the viewer based on the propaganda of the advertizement.
Corruption and greed has plagued all forms of entertainment from the beginning.
For example:
In music it is the company that owns the label, that owns the chart, that tells the world through the magazines that it also owns to promote the acts that it has the most potential to gain from what is the best and hottest new music which is not really the truth.

For the benefit of keeping this objective I again will not mention names.

But (and here is the good news) this is changing through the web and the independent approach for direct distribution.
Get the attention of enough people with a good product, promotion or performance and it will go viral.
This is the new dream, the new lottery.
Getting attention most directly makes the demand.
Out of the hundreds of millions of users on various networks only a few million views will get enough attention to change the world of an individual project or act.
But how can we find those things worthy of that attention in the infinity of content out there?
It is all in the network. We trust those that we relate with and go look at the things our friends post and that is where the social network will never go away.
That is why Google is now going to try to compete with Facebook and there are hundreds of thousands of social networks available to join, Even I have a few...for various reasons.
If we know this and take some responsibility for promoting those things we know are worthy and or important we find that it is very hard to get attention.
Just keep liking what you like. The world will find those important things in time.
Publicity stunts don't really work.
Real work does.

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